3 On- site Tips To Increasing Sales 10x With Google Traffic

Growing traffic to your business website is not rocket science. Everything on the internet runs on principles and systems. Many times you have to get your eyes off the results and focus on the process long enough to see the desired results.

“You can increase your profit 10x in a short time, simply by utilizing google traffic”.  This is a refrain that we at raleighseo io use as our slogan and have proven sufficiently for years. In This article we want to share a few tips about how you can do this and how we have managed to do the same so successfully.

  1. Work On Your Appearance And Your Offer

The first common sense tip is that you need to work on your website and your services. Bounce rates on websites can be very high because of the setup of the website. The theme and arrangement of your website contributes as much to your conversions as the outlook of a brick and mortar storefront contributes to sales.

Also, you have to work on your offer or your services, while our SEO services can drive genuine organic traffic to you, the quality of what you offer is largely responsible for keeping the. Repeat customers are one of the most powerful tools to increasing your sales exponentially.

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  1. Update Your Site Frequently

While this might seem like hard work, its necessary for Google to take you seriously. Many website owners don’t have much activity going on on their websites. They just sit still waiting for traffic and hoping for sales.

Marketing your business website the right ways using various SEO tactics is our specialty here at raleighseo io, but we also recognize that the activities that happen outside your blog are not enough to make google take you as seriously as it should. However, showing consistent activity on your site can help with that. Usually we advise you just start a blog on the website and consistently publish posts on latest trends. This way it reads as consistently updated activity on the website.

  1. Increase Your SIte Speed

Again, this is one area that many website owners have overlooked. You may rank for the right keywords, get the best outbound and inbound links, but if you haven’t settled this. You will still waste all the organic traffic that we bring you.

When was the last time you logged onto a website that you located on a google search and it took ages to load? Do you remember what your reaction was? You probably just closed the tab and moved on! People don’t have too much patience online and while you can blame them for that loss of virtue, it wouldn’t help you increase sales any faster.

You could utilize pingdom to test your site speed. It will also help you get a comprehensive report showing you where and how you can improve time-consuming processes to gain speed.


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