Android package kit providing game accessibility

There is a game based on bullying called Bully game itself. Recently, the developer has renovated this game for android as well as iPhone. Hence, there is a new version of the bully game which has been introduced on the tenth year anniversary of the bully game as a bully anniversary edition. This game can be downloaded on an Android phone by adding the extension of bully anniversary edition apk. That means from Google you can download android Package kit. Moving forward to Apk, first, we should understand that apk is a format for a file which is created by Google which is executable. Actually, apk is based on Linux and open to all the 84 firms related to Google including Sony, Samsung, and Motorola etc.

History of the bully game

The bully game is a creation of Rockstar game which is a renowned game developing company. This company has developed a game for Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation and many more. Apart from the bully game, it has created GTA vice city, Max Payne, GTA San Andreas, GTA 5 etc but bully game from Rockstar is very famous and popular among the player. It also governs the social hierarchy as a bully is the part of every teenage life. Moreover, everyone has his/ her own experience with bullying which could be harsh, warm or pleasant. It is a virtual bullying game and while playing you can recall the memory of your childhood or that phase. Previously it was not assessable to the Android mobile but on the celebration of its tenth anniversary, they have introduced bully anniversary edition for Android and iOS.

Description of the game

To know what the story of the game is, it is really exciting and when you are able to play the game on Android then it is like the cherry on a cake. New edition for android is having a great feature including outstanding graphics, texture, lighting etc. Apart from this if we understand the concept of the bully game then here is a character who is the hero of this game. The name of this character is Jimmy Hopkins who got admission in Bullyworth Academy. He is a fifteen-year-old child. About bullyworth Academy, it is an atrocious school because the students who study here are usually corrupt, criminal as well as arm leader. So in this game, you will have to attend the classes because you have to pass the examination. At the same time you will have to earn money and sometime you will have to fight with the student to survive in the academy. The game is called bully because you will have to fight with other; in order to get money along with you can challenge your friend.


All the feature of this kit is compatible with most of the devices. Interestingly, the graphics are audacious because of this the new version is getting appreciation. Apart from this streaming, shearing is also easy with respect to A9X. Dissect frog game; English word problem game, Flying squirrel Nut shots game and much more games is here on the new edition of the bully game. One of the best features of this game is you can stream and share the game with your friend and challenge then openly to play the game. In the game, you will find that there is a game related to teacher-student relation, boxing arena game, two groups fighting in a school or college, basketball competition, street bully and many more. Hence, all the exciting games are pleasant, funny and thrilling.