Automated Payment Scheduling for Websites

Having an automated payment system when running an online business is absolutely essential. The idea of the world wide web is that people are not restricted by shop opening times. Having a website that sells products or services means making your online service available 24/7 and 365 days a year.

There are many types of payment systems out there for ecomm sites, sites that sell cinema tickets and other entertainment services, bus booking systems, airline booking, and holiday as well as hotel booking.

We decided to take a look at one particular website that has put in a lot time, thought, and energy into giving its website software’s users a solid payment they can reply on around the clock. You will see exactly why this company is so adamant on getting this area of their software spot on.

In a new feature rollout from Lodgify, users of the service now have the ability to schedule payments directly from the Lodgify payments system. Along with automated payment scheduling, Lodgify users can also now charge a ‘Residual Balance’ for repeated payments.

As you can see, the software this company provides is within the travel niche. That means people from all over the world are going to want to make bookings at different times. Due to the different time zones around the world, anyone with a site that offers hotels or property vacation rentals need to be fully functional 24 hours a day.

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Creating an Automated Payment Schedule:

Creating an automated payment schedule in Lodgify is very easy. Under the ‘Policies’ section of the ‘General Settings’ users can now see an option to enable the new feature. In order for it to work, at least two payments need to be scheduled.

Using the System without Credit Cards:

Lodgify users who do not accept credit cards can still use the system to send out notifications to their guests in a very similar way to that of the automatic bill. An email can be sent to guests to remind them of their upcoming bill, along with a personalized message from the property owner as well. To activate notifications, users simply need to go to the ‘Email Notifications’ section of their General Settings.

Using the System with Credit Cards:

Lodgify users who accept credit cards can use the new payment system to automatically deduct the payment amount from their guests at regular, pre-determined dates. To enable automatic payments, users can find all the related options under the ‘Policies Payment Settings’ section of General Settings.

Use-case Scenarios with Automated Payment Scheduling:

There a few different ways that Lodgify users can use the new automated payment system, and each is well-suited for different situations. It is possible to accept payments at regular intervals with notifications and without. Users can send notification reminders with or without payments. It is possible to break up a payment from just a couple of payments to many. And, of course, it is possible to choose not to schedule any payments at all, as the new system is completely optional.


One of the best attributes of the new automated payment update in Lodgify is that there is no longer any need to send email reminders to guests manually. The system automates the entire process, leaving more time for the property owner or manager to focus on other things. Whether a vacation rental site deals in one property or hundreds, the process of keeping track of payments and reminders can be a truly daunting task which is why this new system is being praised as one of the best updates to the Lodgify platform for a long time.