Benefits of Choosing 4-Hour Upgrade Approach for Your IBM AS400 Series Systems

The size of your business whether small or mid-size defines the amount of data produced, stored and used every day. On the other hand, the nature of your business determines how you handle your data. The more sensitive the data, the more protection and backup systems you need to keep your data safe and allow for smooth migration and efficient Backup. For this reason, IBM AS400systems upgrade came in to enable you to migrate conveniently with the data capacity/ size and the performance you need. We provide the system recovery for the systems from the IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and others. For the server series such as IBM AS400, OS/i5/ systems we provide a 4-hour upgrade. We do this to help clients who cannot afford to pay for upgrade services offered by the manufacturers and distributors of such IT solutions such as IBM. Therefore, if you choose our computing solutions, we guarantee a fast, convenient and cost-effective service with a free Back up testing.

What you should know about the IBM AS/400 series

One of the important truths that data managers/ engineers and other database handlers in any organization should know is that the AS400 systems were the first general-purpose system to obtain a C2 rating from the NSA. This rating shows that the system operates safely, and also it ensures complete controlled access and secure logins. Now, these systems go through a series of new releases. For this reason, an organization that uses the IBM AS400 systems always incur a lot of costs when trying to do a system upgrade. This happens because; the systems are expensive due to their safety and high performance. However, we provide a 4-hour system upgrade within the most affordable budget with some free services to our clients. We do this not because we offer low-quality services our migration is fast, smooth, efficient and convenient as we spend much time offsite and then come on site only during the system set up which takes between 2-3 hours depending on the amount of data a client has.

AS400 systems

The benefits of choosing a 4-hour system upgrade approach

The 4-hour system upgrade approach requires not less than one weekend to upgrade your system into the latest release. This means that you will have less than two days of downtime which translates to less loss. For organizations with 2-3 shifts including weekends, this approach helps save the times. With this approach, you will save 2-3 times of the time you save, but this depends on the amount of data you have. Most clients take 2-4 hours to have a complete upgrade.

With this approach, there are no unexpected errors because all testing is done before the system is taken online. Therefore the set-up is smooth and hustles free. Clients are also allowed to dial into our VPN to test the system before it’s brought online.

There is an option to go back to the previous AS400 systems version, should the client deem it fit due to some reasons. The systems could be returned to the earlier version within an hour. The ability to roll-back of this upgrade makes the 4-hour update a risk-free approach. And you save over $6000 with this approach because most work is done offsite at our tech center.