Company Profit Is Important While Running A Company

Any company should run for the profit only. The leader of the company should have to work hard for the same. In the similar way Yad L’Achim is working hard in the country, and helping the found for the spiritual groups which are running non-orthodox way. The company is doing some useful business for the people and the company is making profit. The company can share the profit with the common public. The share market is ready to sell the share of any company. All the company should have to contact the exchange money market. In this connection the profit of the company will be provided to the common public who is investing their money for the company. Religious groups would not be needed fund for their growth; the group would be collecting money from the donors. The company can also create a new company; if the company is running in extremely profit there are many ways to use the money. It is better to invest the money in other ways instead of supporting to the orthodox religious groups. The other religious groups also would be interested to take the money from the company, so the company cannot provide money for all the religious groups. The company management should have to think about this seriously.

Yad L’Achim

A mother is fears about her son that her son would be kidnapped to the other country; of course, the person brings the mother and son together. In this message, the matter is really good. Because, when the mother is fear about the religious group badly and the group would demand money if they kidnap the son, because the son is in their possession, this kind of activity should have to be prevented. At the same time, there are many other groups are functioning religious background. All these groups need justice of course, their demand is not matching to the government, and the government would not be considering their demand. The government is for the both religious group and orthodox group with the religious background. The government can consider only one group, probably the new comer works hard for its religious activities; the orthodox group will be going behind.

However, the activities of the groups should not be violence if they take violence in their hand it is going to be hard for the group. The reason is the government cannot tolerate the violence from any person or the group. However, a running company should not consider supporting any group, this would help the company to build with the strong pillars for the company. The company should have to engage only in earning money and making profits out of the deals that the company is doing. The religious groups always exist and their demand cannot be implemented by the normal people and by the government. This particular aspect the company should have to understand merely. However, a company should have to focus only its business and the growth of the company instead of supporting the group with the religious background.