Convenient Prestashop hosting with DTH

If you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to expand your business online, then the best thing to do is create a website for it. There may be a multitude of website hosting services out there. But, since you will also have to do various business transactions via online payment, then you need a hosting service that provides Prestashop hosting. In that case, look no further, because does just that. You can easily create your website on DTH and set up Prestashop for it. The Prestashop service is inbuilt in the DTH platform, and it is a powerful tool to help you link products to the pricing. It is a simple tool to use, and its operation is made efficient by DTH.

There are three main packages you can pick. The cost for the packages starts at $4.95 per month. Now that is such a good deal. The three packages included are Shared Starter, Shared Professional, Shared Business. Now keep in mind that you will be occupying your web space on a shared server, but fear not because there is sufficient bandwidth permitted with each of these packages. The starter package will give you about 100 GB of bandwidth, and the Professional and Business packages are guaranteed to give you unlimited bandwidth. It is a good option in case you are expecting a lot of traffic for your website.

Prestashop hosting is integrated into the shared hosting network. It is an easy, free-to-use platform that helps in managing e-commerce websites. Once you assign all the links to specific pricing values, including shipping charges and other taxes levied, you can just sit back and relax and let the software do the rest. Since the shared hosting service on DTH is crafted for Prestashop, then you need not worry about the software crashing at any stage of a transaction. The various plans available at DTH are split into different durations. You can opt for anything starting from one-month plans to 3-year programs. It is definitely better to opt for the latter as it is cheaper and DTH promise to offer their full-time support throughout.

Now apart from Shared hosting, some of the services that DTH provides are reseller hosting, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers, virtual private servers and even SSL certificates. For reserving your next web space with Downtown Host you can visit the website and choose which plan you require. If any doubts may arise regarding the services provided, you can always be part of the live chat with the customer service personnel who are willing to help you out with whatever you need. Additionally, once you have registered, you will be given access to the various tutorials, guides, and manuals that are linked to the website.