Data communication using wireless network

Development of technology is growing each and every day which reduces the human workloads and save time for people. One of the most trending technologies is communication with wireless network where each and every one likes to share our information without connecting wire. Most common wireless technology present today is mobile phone where it connected by satellite. Many people like to connect their laptop with wireless connection when they move from one location to another location. Wireless connection makes more portable among many people where they can communicate with each other without using wire. There are many advantages using wireless when you move for long distance places you cannot take cables for connecting the system in that situation you can use the wireless network connection to access internet. When you are using wireless technologies you can get a backup communication link if you get any failure in network connection. When you like to connect the people who is remote area using mobile technologies you can connect them easily without any interference.

data communication

One of the best known example of wireless technology is mobile phone more than 6 billion people are using cellular phone in world wide. Mobile phone uses the radio waves to make calls from various locations. Wi-Fi is also a wireless technology system which is portable to connect internet within certain area limit. Wi-Fi technologies are access in private home and at public hotspots. Using Wi-Fi you can access all online websites where you can get information within your hand. Wi-Fi can be connected to both laptop as well as mobile phone. In some mobile phone devices Wi-Fi facility is not available but today many smart phones and android phone has all features of network connection. Mobile satellite communication is used when other wireless connection are unavailable which mostly used in rural areas or remote areas. Satellite communication are mainly used by military people and people while travelling they uses the satellite connection.

Wireless technologies also used in medical field also which helps to monitor the blood pressure level, heart beat rate etc. Using Mobile Body Area Network (MBAN) you can monitor the signals. Wireless technologies are used in many fields which help the people to communicate easier how far they are. Today in home computer many people started to use wireless keyboard and mouse where they get powered by send signals to receiver through USB port by the way of radio frequency receiver. Wireless Bluetooth also help to communicate without any wired peripherals.