Development In The Use Of Computer In Every Field

This is the era of computer. Today computerization of every data can be found in every sector. This is advantageous in many ways. It saves labour to the core and all the records, no matter however old they are or however new, they can be easily found.  This is because just with the click of the mouse we can get all the information on our finger tips. However, it has become essential for every person to have some knowledge about the use of this wonder machine. The computer has given birth to several advancements and internet is another development which has further brought the world closer. There are innumerable benefits that the computer and the internet proffer to a user. With the use of internet you can find any information. Most of the people spend their time on internet looking for something or the other. To mention few more benefits of it is that shopping for anything can be done from home. It is also an effective tool for education of all masses. Further the social channels make it possible for people to be in close touch with each other.

Uses Of Computer In Every Field

A Computer

The computer technology has been adopted in every field. Engineers, students, doctors, government organizations, businesses from small to large scale and every other field that you find around you make use of computers in their day to day life. Right from ticket booking to that of buying grocery everything can be done on the computer. Moreover, you can find the best solutions without even stepping out of your house. In offices as all the information is computerized it saves a lot of paper, therefore it is a means to save resources. It is also used for the purpose of entertainment. People can listen to music, watch movies and d many more activities with the use of computer. But every technology comes with dual effects, that is, the merits and the demerits. For labour intensive economy it is quite damaging because many of them lose their jobs because of the adaptation of computer. Secondly if the system gets corrupted there is a possibility that entire data would be lost. The too much dependence on the system makes people lazy. However, for each of this disadvantage a solution can be found. As the advantages out bet the disadvantages it is beneficial to use the computer technology in our day to day life and make our life easier.