Development Of The Modern Economy Through Computer

As we all know a computer is an electronic device, which can do the huge people work with minimum time.  It is developed by the human brain, but it can work and think over and above the human brain. It is programmed to carry out the arithmetic and logical operations.  The development is not stopped yet. It is a continuing and ongoing process. Lot of skilled personnel’s are engaged in the development of this science. Computer is a science subject. Initially when the first generation computer was invented, the size was very big and the memory status was not up to the level. Year after year, many changes were made in the industry and it is still raising its capability.

Computer And Its Impact On The Society

Economy Through Computer

 At present, we do not have any industry without the use of computer. It is present everywhere and anywhere in the galaxy. We are sending rockets also to the other satellites only with the help of computer. It has changed everyone’s life with comfort and luxury. It gives coziness to our life. The development is very drastic and fanatic. The computer has made a big revolution in the society. It is also use to run big factories and industries. Even if their arise malpractice, we can identify it with the help of computer. The accuracy will be more in computer where as in human labor; there is a chance of mistake in the work. The significant feature of computer is its fastness and its rapidity. In computer, we will have orderliness. Even if we did not compute the information in chronological order, it will change accordingly.

The present trend among the consumer is to purchase all the items through computer. Everything is available in the computer and everything has been converted into computer. Each one has their own smart computer in their hand. Even the reputed companies and big entrepreneurs like to do business in the computer. It has become an economical mode of doing business in the computer. Even people who cannot go out from their place can also earn money by working at home. It also has given more opportunity and chances to the common people. The computer industry develops all the other industry in the society. With the help of this computer industry, we have a wide range of coverage. It gives prosperity to the business with low cost of investment.