Earlier Stages Of Computer

Today with all the latest technological innovations, computers play a vital and major role in almost all fields of work to make man power easier and fast. At early stages, the machines for computation were referred as abacus and astrolabe. Today’s modern computers are very different from the earlier stages of machine and it does billions of calculation within a second. All professionals like doctors, students, Government organization use computer in their daily life for performing their specific task within the given time frame. Computers are used for domestic purposes also especially for maintaining family budget as it says with income and expenditures, children can play games which enable them for some entertainment source in their recreation time. People can even check the work of other employees by just sitting in home .With the additional facility of internet connected to the computer, one can gather lots of information and acquire knowledge around the world. Other than this surfing information, user can also listen to music, watch films.

Uses Of Computer In All Fields

A Computer

Social media like Face book, Twitter, Google plus in internet has become more popular nowadays and they provide room for chatting with people located anywhere in the world. In education field, it plays a vital role in the name of Computer Aided Learning (CAL). It reduces the time spent on teaching material and also the common boredom of using blackboard teaching.  Using multimedia projectors and power point presentations, students emphasize a different learning and easy understandable environment. Distance learning enables the students to learn from their home rather than studying in classroom. The examinations are also enabling with online also eg : GRE,TOEFL,GMAT,SAT, etc. Training sessions are also provided online. The computer in business field also plays a major role. For marketing purposes, computers are used so that the companies can avail the advertising and promotional benefits of their product so that it reached the user more quickly. They also provide the feature of even selling their product online. Stock exchanges uses computer for all their trading activities. Medicinal field has also acquired the assistance of the computer for their hospital management system, to maintain the patient history, diagnosis purposes like CT scan, MRI scan, etc. Government agencies they use the computer for planning, control and law enforcement activities. On the whole, a computer has become a mandatory machine in routine life. Future generation computer systems will be more advanced in technology and grabs even more attention among the people