Easily Recover Business Application through Cloud400 Online Backup Solution

Every business organization wants to save their data or application from any data loss situation. With the advancement of technology, there are various online platforms that provide an online backup functionality to their clients.  If you want your business application data save from any tragedy, then you need to store your business application backup through a reliable and secure online platform. The Source Data Products provide better support and online backup techniques for the users. The online platform provides new products and services for the customers to fulfill the business computing needs.  On this online platform, you can get IBM i (AS400, iSeries cloud backup, System i) backup techniques for business-critical applications.

Source Data Product is an online platform that provides Cloud400 and a wide range of data setups or remote control system to clients at affordable price. They are an IBM managed service provider and business partner. Cloud400 DR provides various IBM Data recovery plans such as iSeries cloud backup recovery and AS400 disaster recovery which are suitable for RTO and RPO requirements. Through this platform services, you can get various features. The common features of Cloud400 Backup technology:

iSeries cloud backup

  • More Secure and Safe: The online cloud400 disaster recovery platform is more secure and safe. If you want to take back up your business application, then you can easily restore or recover data or application with the cloud400 online backup software.
  • Easy to use: If you want to host online cloud services for back up of business application through the online solutions, then you choose the best solutions to form the Source Data Product platform.
  • Free 60-days Trial: The Source Data Product online platform offers the free trial for 60 days to make a secure and safe backup of data or business application. Through the free trial, you can easily take a better solution for the backup business application.
  • Affordable: With the Source Data Product platform, you can get more affordable backup recovery solutions. There are various solutions such as Cloud400, Cloud400 Disaster Recovery, IBM I ON POWER SERVER, and 4-HOUR IBM I UPGRADE.
  • More Flexible: With the flexibility of this platform, you can easily access critical business applications. The Cloud400 solution is well certified for safety, reliability, and redundancy. 

Cloud400 online backup is a best technology that save your precious data and send it over the internet to secure offsite data center.  If you want to take online backup through the Cloud400, then Source Data Product is best place for you.  There is no single point of failure with RAID like as traditional tape backup. For more information visit the official website and get free trails of backup solutions.