Error on the computer?Make use of this to solve instantly

Life of an IT professional is similar to that of a ringmaster when it comes to fixing the bugs and errors on the screen. Well, they are not the only people who are designed to pull their hair and curse the server. All those who are planning on spending the time with the internet for information or for entertainment are also on the list.

Errors and issues:

When it comes to errors in the computer, there are lots of it, but let us see the main five errors which are popular and common in existence. They are :

  • HTTP error 400.
  • HTTP error 401.
  • HTTP error 403.
  • HTTP error 404.
  • HTTP error 500.

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Netflix proxy error

HTTP error 400:-

This is also known as bad request error. To make it simple, this is web’s way of saying you are trying to open a website which is corrupted or the requested one was not matching with any of them.

HTTP error 403:-

This error is also known as forbidden webpage error. Well, if you found this on the computer, it means basically you are trying to enter a page which is a big no-no. Most of this websites will be private, confidential and secured one.

HTTP error 404:-

This is one of the most common and familiar error. “The page you are looking is not found” does it rings a bell? The main reason behind this type of error is the broken link or mistyped web address. But there are sometimes when the webpage has been deleted too. The reasons can be anything among these.

HTTP error 500:-

Ohhhh, this error wins the first place in Google’s statistics as it is most common and more widely found one. This is commonly known as an internal server error. Majority of this error is caused when the webpage you are looking for is overloaded. This can also be caused when there is timeout connection too.

HTTP error 401:-

HTTP error 401 is also known as unauthorized visit error. As the name suggests, this type of error occurs when you are trying to visit a particular webpage which is the craze in some other country but doesn’t have permission and authorization in your country. The most common proxy error is one of this. A failed login attempt will also be considered as this type of error.

Apart from there are still a lot of errors bugs runs in the technology field. But almost all error will have a security reason to why the page cannot be displayed. There will be solutions or should we call them hacks to tackle too. To know more