Flying RC plane as a beginner

When flying RC planes and especially those of RC planes for a beginner are a few tips to follow to be on the safer side for both you and those around you. Check the transmitter and the receiver before sending your plane to the skies. The transmitter can be used to check the rudder and also elevator controls. The weather outdoors should also be considered as it tends to be windy and thereby may cause damages or carry away RC planes made of lightweight material. Check batteries charge as most RC planes are powered by electricity. A fully charged battery may take thirty to sixty minutes to charge depending on its type. These charged batteries are then used run motor for as long as fifteen to twenty-five minutes.

Checking the range of RC plane

Checking your plane’s range is crucial. In order to do this take your plane outdoors and fly it in different ranges starting from the least which may be a hundred meters while increasing gradually. While at it, tie a ribbon or a piece of cloth to the plane’s antenna so as to determine the strength of the wind. Say the ribbon is raised at a twenty-degree angle, the wind is fairly blowing compared to a parallel angle to the ground which shows strong wind. Strong wind may cause damages to the plane and therefore it’s advisable to fly another time.

Use of plane controls

Check sensitivity of the plane’s controls. In order to do this use the controls lightly for a better understanding of your plane and also avoid crashes. When the plane is landing reduce speed or throttle so it can glide smoothly to the ground. Enough practice will eventually pay off as you grow into a pro pilot.

Physical features to look out for

Most of the RC planes are made in form of a real plane. Features to be considered while choosing to buy an RC plane include; the dihedral shape of the wings, that is the upward placement of the wings. It is advisable that the more V-shaped the wings are the more the stability.

Another feature also considered of RC planes for a beginner is kit assembly. When you buy RC plane with its kit it simply translates to you that you need to assemble the components as manuals provide. This activity can be fun but also time-consuming for some. The other option that exists is buying an Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) plane. This one comes partly assembled for you to add the battery pack and motor.