German Businesses Set the Pace in Privacy Protection

One of the pride and joys of Germany’s current business success is its resilient IT business infrastructure and a continuously growing economy. Admittedly economic growth in the country could always be better, but the country has managed to report year on year overall growth avoiding a decline in what has become a harsh global economy. One of the latest economic trends in the country is privacy as the news of corrupted US elections has sent shockwaves throughout the world.

Whether the rumors are true or not about the US elections, the issues of cyber attacks and privacy have been commonplace as of late. This is why Germany is now one of the leading countries in Europe when it comes to enforcing privacy laws and practices to protect its businesses.

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What Are German Businesses Doing to Protect Themselves?

Many smaller businesses are using what they call a VPN dienst. This is a VPN protection service that is being installed on people’s smartphones, tablets, and on business computers. Some businesses are creating their own software, using IBM standard tech, or they are using third-party software to protect any device that connects to the internet.

How Can Privacy Help the German Economy Grow?

With more privacy, there will be less industrial espionage and less chance of businesses or government authorities coming under the threat of cyber-attacks. There have been so many instances of hackers breaking into businesses on a global basis that privacy protection has become a hot topic. The risks involved in choosing not to invest in data protection and privacy are high.

The expense of putting a privacy breach can be over 50 times more expensive than putting in place the correct security measures to ensure that this does not happen.

Employees Are Being Trained on Privacy Procedures

In the past time, management courses and basic computer training courses were the latest fads for HR department responsible for employee development.

As of late, there is an increasing number of courses being introduced letting employees know how they can be more responsible with company data. These procedures include not sending business critical or private documents via messaging apps and to instead use the proper channel provided by the company such as email.

Other areas of the course include the use of personal VPN software when connecting their company telephone to public WiFi networks while traveling both domestically and internationally.

These types of training courses are great not just for the business, but they also make the people of Germany more aware of how cybercrime could affect them and their families personally. This helps to prevent personal identity fraud, financial fraud and other fraudulent activities carried out by cyber thieves that target individuals in order to defraud them or use their identity for fraudulent activities.

Everyone Should Be Concerned About Cyber Crime

Germany has paved the way for the rest of the world. The increase in privacy awareness has reduced the number of successful cyber attacks in the country. Both citizens and businesses are being more responsible with the way they access information on the internet reducing their chances of falling victim to online cybercriminals.