How to Create Traffic with a YouTube Proxy

The higher the views of your YouTube video, the more likely will other people find and watch it themselves. If your video is related to your business endeavors and it increases the view count, then it becomes a business endeavor. One way you can improve the view count is attracting a good number of people and retaining their attention to view the content more than once. YouTube is set in a way that it ignores multiple opinions from your browser, and you can still increase the count yourself by using a YouTube proxy.

Web proxies

To exchange data, computers on the web need to identify themselves to each other. This identification process includes the computer’s Internet Protocol address, which is unique, the operating system that is being used, the browser and much more. YouTube makes use of this information to identify your computer, and this is how it knows to ignore multiple views that come from it. The site sends its identification information to the site instead of your computer’s, thereby making it look like a different computer is exchanging information and accessing data. This will allow you to increase the view count for your YouTube video by tricking it into thinking that many people are looking at it.

Proxy hubs

To increase the view count of your content as much as you can, you will need to use various proxies because YouTube will only count one view from each IP address. You need to find a proxy hub site, like, to have access to as many proxies as possible.

How to Create Traffic with a YouTube Proxy

Using proxies

Go to your YouTube account, click on the videos icon. This will take you to the videos page. Select the video that you want a high viewer count on, copy the URL of that video, and go to the proxy hub. Once you reach the center, select the first proxy site on the list. Paste the video’s URL into the primary field on the page. Once you do, go ahead and click the “Enter” button. The proxy will load your YouTube video and alter the view count. Repeat this procedure by using a different proxy each time.

Watching the video

YouTube increases its viewer counter when you start viewing a video, and there is no need to watch the entire video every time you want to use a different proxy to increase the view count.

Getting numerous views is the best way to get people’s attention; your video has to be seen for it to garner movement. As the world’s second largest search engine (after Google), YouTube is a great way to be found. You need to keep your audience and their search interests in mind when you’re uploading your video; you can increase the chances people will see it and watch.

By considering a few steps, you can use a good YouTube proxy and dramatically increase the number of people who watch your video and engage with your company without spending extra money on new marketing campaigns.