How to Get More YouTube Views

If your video includes famous celebrities, your chances of being seen are already increased. Some videos are purely viral because of their endorsements. Then, there is interesting content but does not get a significant number of views. There are many reasons why these videos have failed to attract more people, but you have other better options to make your video viral.Some are as simple as going to for more youtube views and subscribers. However, there are more approaches than that, some of them are explained below. You can best understand by reviewing these tips to get more views on YouTube.

Keep the video short

A typical short video on YouTube is between 30 seconds and two minutes. Surprisingly, it is possible to create a 30-second video that can also be fun or informative. Many viewers on YouTube prefer to watch videos that are short and interesting, compared to a longer period.

If you are a beginner, it is best to shoot shorter videos. When you receive a number of comments, you may want to consider doing it longer.

Use a catchy title

The next turn when you learn to get more views on YouTube is to have an awesome title for your video. Remember the following tips when deciding on the title

  • Describe your video in a short sentence or phrase
  • Use the main keywords of your title to facilitate video search
  • If this is a video tutorial, start your title with the words “how to” to get more viewers
  • Keep the title related to the content of your video on YouTube. The use of irrelevant titles reduces your credibility.

Describe the video

A good description of your video will allow viewers to decide if they want to watch a video or not. A good description allows search engines to easily find your video because the search engine spiders look at the words and phrases used in your description when indexing your video. Use a simple language when your audience or your average viewer can understand. Avoid writing long descriptions and staying on the point you want to deliver to the video.

Comments and Ratings

Learn how to get for more youtube views by using the comment field in your video, and also through some online service providers. When users post comments under the video, they provide feedback, indicating that your video has created an interest. Your goal should be to receive positive feedback in terms of estimation. In some cases, the viewer may ask you how to shoot the video, the camcorder or other details. On the other hand, a negative comment indicates that you need to improve. If you find an offensive comment or abuse, you can disable it.

Your first video may be unpopular on YouTube one night. Keep videos interesting, informative and relevant to your theme. Remember why you made an excellent video and use the extra tips mentioned above to get more views on YouTube.