How to measure an object without ruler?

Do you think it is possible to measure an object when you do not have a ruler? Yes, it is possible with the internet access. As there are many handy option for every action, measuring is also made convenient with the help of virtual ruler. This just needs a smart device or computer and internet access. How to access the virtual ruler? Does it need any account? No, it does not need any account. Let us check for the steps to get into the site:

  • You just need to get into the site. There are various virtual ruler sites online, so consider getting into the right site.
  • Calibrate your monitor or smart device diagonal measurement. This makes the ruler to fit appropriately to get accurate measurement.
  • Choose the measurement type either inches or centimeter. This measurement is wholly based upon your choice.
  • Place the object in the screen where the ruler starts and get the measurement for the object.

To measure an object, you just need to peak into the site and get the measurement. Here you will use your smart device as the ruler. For this, you do not have to buy anything. This just needs an internet connected device. Being in the fast paced world, you should not waste time to search for a ruler or buying one and carrying it along wherever you go. Virtual rulers make it easier to measure any object that fits into the screen. The maximum size of the virtual ruler is 20 inches and in centimeters 50. This metric scale is displayed depending on the screen size.

As you need to enter the screen diagonal measurement, you need to calibrate the measurement. Even if you do not know your screen diagonal measurement, it is not a big deal. The site will detect your screen diagonal measurement automatically. How the actual size of the ruler is defined?

  • Ruler size is based on the browser screen height and width. The diagonal measurement is made in pixels.
  • Then based on the pixels per inch of the screen, the diagonal measurement is calculated.
  • Then the ruler size is determined with the help of pixels. Thus the ruler is defined with pixels.

If you are accessing online ruler, consider the following options are accessible. These are considered when you are not able to access the site and ruler.

  • JavaScript is enabled
  • Image download is enabled
  • Standard page scale adjustment is applicable within the browser

Online screen measuring tool is accessible with every device. This is platform independent which is provided in the form of site. You do not need to install any tool to access virtual ruler. Just consider using the site and measure the object easily.