IP whois API is the latest version

Although the concept of Application Program Interface or API is something which we use on a daily basis but still we are not fully aware about its functions and features. Almost all of us use mobile phones and have various applications in it. Some of these applications are used via internet and helps us in sending messages, files, etc. The application send a data to the server which decodes and resend it on our mobile.

This is the basic function of an API which helps in converting this complex data in a simple format so that the user can understand it with ease. Artificial Program Interface also helps the system developers writing programs more accurately. Even in business sectors, the usage of API technology has increased over the period of time as it provides for timely completion of work and reduces the level of risks and erros.

IP whoisAPI

What is Whois API?

There are many business organisations or application developers who wants to know more about their clients and users who their websites. Knowing more the user details will allow them to redesign their applications and services according to the demands of the clients. That’s when the need for WHOIS protocol arises as it helps to store quite a lot of information regarding the domain name and IP address of the users and visitors.

IP whois API is the latest version of the WHOIS API and comes with a lot of unique features for the users. Unlike the previous versions, this API  provides more information and details in respect of an IP address. Apart from the code of the country which the IP address belongs to, you can also get information about the owner of the IP, for instance, their name and address, contact details, and such other data.

Advantages of using IP whois Api:

There are several benefits offered by IP whoisAPI to its users which are mentioned as follows:

  • Availabilty of unique domain name– Whois API will help the user, whether a small scale firm or a large scale company in choosing a unique domain name for their business so as to make a distinct image in the minds of the target audience.
  • Assists in solving technical issues– The users can easily find out any technical problem or system errors at the right time wand can take actions to solve it as soon as possible. IP whois API assists the administrators in solving such issues and makes them aware about the problems well in advance.
  • Development of business– This API also helps in making new business connections with several other organisations and dealers for proper growth and development of the firm.

With this API you can now achieve great success in your business and can also safeguard your data an records from getting lost.