Ipsidy Identity Transaction Platform

Identity authentication is the specific mission of Ipsidy technology. This technology aims to assist the users more quickly and effectively securing employees, citizens, clients related to both their physical and digital transaction. Ipsidy delivers trusted transaction in the current world that is constantly increasing mobile and digital technology.

 Its mission is to provide a solution that offers pre-transaction identity verification and implant identity verification among each and every electronic transaction. Ipsidy Company believes that it’s important that consumers and businesses who are backing them regarding the electronic transaction as well as the audit trail, provided that other part’s identity has duly verified.

Importance of Ipsidy technology to mobile users

Ipsidy identity platform at  allows the mobile users to easily legitimate their identity via their smartphone or a portable gadget of their choice. Unlike other identity require a dedicated hardware so as to support this service. Additionally, it enables the users to execute their transaction digitally signed legitimation response. This includes, transaction underlying data and also fixed attribute for an identity of a participant available to a business.


Ipsidy which also known as a digital issuance technology allows to manage and build a mobile ecosystem of trustworthy agents, consumers and merchants. This enables to use an enclosed-loop of pre-paid and the loyalty debit card to pay for the good and services whether via online, in-store or through an app.

The platform comprises mobile POS, acquiring gateway, mobile wallet, internet portal, proximity market capability and loyal module. Through a multi-currency and multi-lingual capability, this platform enables companies all over the world to unlock values and develop their business in the new strategy and with an innovative market program.

Ipsidy’s Biometric technology

Ipsidy’s biometric technology authenticates and identifies an identity of a live person through physiological characteristic basis. These physiological features include iris configuration, fingerprint and facial structure. It also involves enrollment which is a procedure of introducing individuals into the biometric-based platform.

With the enrollment process, data samples are gathered from one or even more physiological features. Afterword, these samples are converted to a mathematical template or model. The template will then registered into the database in which software can carry out an analysis.

One of the customers are enrolled, he/she will be able to interact with a live-scan procedure of a biometric technology. This live scanner is used to authenticate and identify the customer. The outcomes of this live scanner like fingerprint are related to registered template kept in the system. If they find any relation, the customer is granted and authenticated access.

Biometric fingerprint identifier explained at https://www.ipsidy.com/solutions/verified   can be applied as one of a multifactor legitimation system, including the password, token or something a person has or knows. Biometric fingerprint identifier can also be used as one of the fingerprint identification technology that examines worldwide pattern schemata on a fingerprint.

 Also includes a tiny marks known as the minutiae which comprehended as ridge ending and branches or bifurcation in a fingerprints ridges. The fingerprint extracted data are highly denser and their density explains why the fingerprints are so reliable and efficient ways of identification.