Modernization and Continuity plan for IBM I servers

The main aim of this blog is too aware the users of IBM iseries that they should start thinking of another option. Here IBM i is the operating system and AS400 and iSeries is the brands which IBM are using to market this. You can find the use of these terms in this blogs and this has been done intentionally to reach to a broader audience who are always looking on Google.

users of IBM iseries

The hardware support for these servers is withdrawing now from the year 2019 and 2020. The IBM users have to take this seriously and have to initiate the alternate options for this. IBM 7.2 is the last supported version from them and it has to be sensed by many POWER6 users. There is still no official announcement has been made for this but you have at least 2-4 years for it.

I am always encouraging the users before this happen always research well and always keep the good alternate available option for you. This situation is totally avoided when you are having a good backup option with you.

Time Consuming

Let’s elaborate.

There are non-IT managers who are always thinking that within a year they can easily able to move the IBM to another platform but I have experience with this with one company only and that too they have taken almost 4 years to move IBM completely. This they have done in a very quick way but it takes almost 4 years. I have seen many companies who are taking almost 7 to 10 years which is too much longer.

Many of the IT executives and consultant are telling that the management always has the unrealistic expectations for implementing the new solutions. They never understand the nuances and the complexities of implementing this new system for their business. The legacy system which is already supporting the business in a superb way is very difficult to make the same copy of it in a new one. And these business executives are never taking out the time to understand this legacy system. They are only concern about the things they have and the part of the system which they are dealing.

Workaround for Legacy Systems

Start preparing the contingency plans. Start writing this to your management so that they are all must aware of the situation and start looking seriously at the issue which they would face in future.

Till how much time you required to maintain your legacy system after the new system has been made. If the new system is not supporting your key systems, then you need the legacy one. There are companies who are never stopping their legacy system after the build and working on a new one.

Several of my friends have started to discontinue the legacy systems such as iseries within 1 – 2 years. But after 5 years also they are still saying that they require more 3-5 years. Due to the compliance issue sometimes it is very difficult to stop the legacy systems and start the new one.