Radar Detector Review – Escort 9500ix

Escort 9500ix is ​​the Escorts Premier touchscreen sensor installed today. Thanks to innovative technologies, this is one of the most technologically advanced radar detectors. “

First, by going through the Escort 9500ix review, ithas a wide range of radar detection. In independent tests, he was one of the best performers in all ranges of radar and laser detection. From straight-line radar sources to corner ambushes; This detector is excellent to keep the driver protected.

As with all Escort detectors, the sensitivity of this device is fully adjustable.

Three main modes of sensitivity: “City”, “Road” and “Auto”. The automatic mode is the most suitable for all driving situations due to its unique ability to filter out false alarms that may come from sources other than the police. With many other detectors, they will alert you to automatic doors and some other radar detectors. This device has an exceptional ability to ignore these false alarms.

The most important feature of this device is its GPS capability. This industry-leading feature allows the radar detector to access a constantly updated database of high-speed cameras and red-light cameras. When a driver approaches a camera or a camera with a red light, the radar detector will warn you of a next location, which will allow the driver enough time to slow down or know the camera with a red light.

Escort 9500ix review

The GPS also allows you to show the speed of the car by alerting alerts.

Instead of seeing the detector’s warning about the threat, look at the vehicle’s speedometer and then slow down, when it shows the speed, the driver simply sees the speed in the detector and, therefore, slows down. When millisecond reaction times are critical in some situations, this function configures the option used against any other detector user.

Another notable feature of the GPS function is the sensitivity of the radar with variable speed. The radar detector automatically detects the speed of the vehicle. Based on this speed, the detector will adjust the sensitivity of the radar. In fact, this is a more convenient way to change modes without having to think about it.

For example, a driver travels at speeds. The radar detector will automatically detect the speed and increase the sensitivity of the radar. Then, when the driver approaches the city along the road, the radar detector detects this reduction in speed and increases the ability to filter false alarms.

The last and possibly the best GPS function is the ability to recall false alarms.

This is called the AutoLearn function. If the radar source is in the same place several times, for example, in a grocery store, the GPS function will mark and save the exact location of the false radar warning, and the next time the driver sends the source; The warning will be completely ignored. This feature is especially useful for people who often pass through cities. If the actual threat appears with a known false radar signal, the detector will detect this new radar source and warn you. This is great for cities with bad cops, but with this detector, the driver will receive a preliminary warning about the imminent threat.


The Escort 9500ix is ​​an excellent radar detector with advanced technology and innovative design. It will remain one of the best detectors available in the market in the coming years.