Simple Tips on How to Promote Events on Twitter

Do you need help on how to promote a fundraising event on Twitter?

Most event organizers have come to realize the marketing potential of social media platforms. That’s why a lot of them now do promotion on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Twitter is unique as far as social media platforms go, though. The microblogging format can be a challenge, as can the fast turnover of top content.

It’s why many event marketers still struggle with how to promote events on Twitter.

Does that mean it’s hard to learn how to promote events on Twitter? On the contrary, it can be quite easy… once you’ve learned a few Twitter event marketing secrets anyway.

Those secrets are what I’ll teach you here. You won’t have to worry about how to promote events on Twitter anymore because I’ll show you my best Twitter marketing tips.

Promoting a Fundraising Event on Twitter 

There are several reasons Twitter can be good for business or event fundraising marketing. Its simple interface makes it user-friendly and it has a large user base. In addition, many of its users are active pretty often.

however,  not everyone has it down just yet. So don’t feel bad if you’re still feeling your way about the platform. A least you came here in search of help, so you’ll soon be improving!

Track Your Twitter Engagement

Here’s a simple tip to remember—always make a habit of tracking your Twitter engagement. This should come as no surprise to you if you know anything about social media marketing.

Why? Because you should track your engagement for every social media platform..

Tracking Twitter engagement is thus how you can check your Twitter performance and related event postings. When checking your Twitter data, you should note the days and times when your Twitter engagement spikes. While doing that, you should also note what kinds of posts attract more engagement.


Reach out to Influencers

Another thing to remember on how to promote events like fundraising on Twitter is the fact that there are Twitter influencers. This is important because influencers in your line of business are invaluable potential partners.

Influencers are popular people in your niche. They have influence because they have a lot of people following them. They are indeed helpful in promoting not just your upcoming event but your organizing business as well to their large audiences. Twitter even makes it easier for influencers to share your content with just one “retweet”.

Think of your relationship with influencers as one of equal exchange. They promote you and your content. In return, you (usually) promote or even pay them.

Use Twitter Ads and Paid Tactics

Now, we’re going to talk about a service that most business owners and event organizers on Twitter will always use — advertisements. If there’s anything to expect on how to promote business on Twitter, it’s the use of advertisements.

And yes, Twitter does have its own ads. This means more ways to do promotion on Twitter. nTwitter actually has two commonly known Twitter ads. There are paid “Promoted Tweets” and “Promoted Accounts”.

Firstly, “Promoted Tweets” appear in users’ timelines. These can be tweets from Twitter accounts that a user doesn’t even follow.

Secondly, “Promoted Accounts” appear on the right-side column of Twitter’s desktop version. If you use this, a preview of your icon, banner, and “bio” will appear for people to click.

Both of these advertisements are very useful. First, you should use “Promoted Tweets” to promote high-quality content.

Next, you should remember that “Promoted Accounts” are great for audience and community building. This is because your profile will become accessible to a lot of users who are then encouraged to follow you.

Using these will help you greatly in how to promote business on Twitter. This is because these advertisements will encourage your target audience to come to you, either to be an attendee of the event, a prospective sponsor, or an influencer to your fundraising event.