Some important technologies that we never forget

We can expect the things that are unexpected and we can imagine the things that are unimagined because these are only possible in the modern technologies. It may seem like a riddle but it is the actual truth about the technology and its inventions. We can expect and imagine everything by the way of technologies because we are grounded in the land where we can imagine for our own and make them real, the best example is movie. The sound technology and animation technology made the imagination into then it made our eyes to sparkle with magic that never happen and we are seeing them through films. More of the films had given the knowledge about the galaxy and satellites and how it will be look alike. Still people are wondered to see more advanced technologies on seeing those things in real.

Micro technologies and its effect on humans:


Information technology is the best example on talking about micro matters because an enormous amount of packets that flowing through the routers and all those stuffs are controlled by the well trained IT peoples. In a fraction of seconds a highly fast electrons and neutrons are passed through the currents and this is the nature. When we talk about technology the ip address and IP packets are send to the router to some particular computer or a device to access those address. People are used to see their favourite pictures and videos through the website by means of this technology.

Even some network errors and package address will be cause because of some micro matters that made damage in the internet system to access those protocols. The experienced and well trained technologist only can able to solve those errors which are happening in milliseconds.

How Nano Technology shrinking the world?

Nano technology shrinking the amount into simple things in other words the atomic molecule structure has been modified for a super natural by this technology. The video games and mini computers are made through this technology where it shrinking the big space and making the particle same as before but not by the size. The innovation of smart phones and mini frame computers are made by these technologies. The Nano technology is working in the tissue functions and demonstrating its properties for the purpose of inventing new things in stem cell growth and identifying the decease. It helps the doctors to operate the stem cells and tissues in the human body for an energetic result and to evaluate the science in those technologies as well. Nano technology is used in medical science and micro operations in laboratory.