The Best Time Clock Software

In the era where technology has become the order of the day, it has become possible for employers or businessmen/ women to run their businesses smoothly in regards to the tracking of their employees’ schedules. This has become possible and easy, thanks to Time Clock Genie. Time Clock Genie is a well-known firm in the United States that has developed or provided a system that is known to a lot of people all over the world as a time tracking clock. This time clock is a free time clock that allows you as an employer to know and track the time schedule of your employees. In addition to that, this software comes with a number of features that make working with your employees very easy, comfortable as well as transparent. Here are a number of things that you can do with the time clock software.

Employee Scheduling

This software features a virtual calendar that makes it possible and easy for you to make and keep track of the work schedule of all your employees. It also allows you always track the number of hours that each and every worker, which then results in easy calculation of the all the employees’ working hours without any difficulty.  In addition to that, you can also record the attendance of all your workers and even plan their vacations with this software. Hence you can easily know when an employee has to go on vacation and the time he/ she has to report back at work. With this kind of software, you can always keep accurate records on the work schedules of your entire working staff.

Preparing Payroll

With the help of this free online time tracking software from Time Clock Genie, the time when you had to go through a lot of stress and time wasting just to prepare or process the payroll of your employees has long passed. This is due to the fact that, this software will help you to prepare the payroll of all the employees which consist of the their over time, gross salary, the number of hours each employee worked, and many other things like reimbursements, etc. with just a click. It is therefore without any doubt that with this kind of advanced and made-easy software, you will no more have to go through the kind of stress that you used to go through almost every month or week to prepare salaries for your entire employees.

Although there are a lot of time tracking software or systems on the market right now but one thing you have to know is that if you really want to release yourself of the work load and pressure in tracking the work schedule and even processing payroll of your employees, then you have to get the best software with great feature. And in getting the best software or system that is developed to handle all this kind of thing, then you should look no where but the well-known and trusted firm, Time Clock Genie.