The Joker Bulbing Lamp review

When we first saw the Bulbing Light we could not trust our eyes. What we initially thought was an attractively illuminated three-dimensional sculpture was actually a 2D illusion!

Made combing man-made fibers with natural materials, Bulbing is a light similar no other. Though your eyes might not believe it, the top segment is an acrylic piece gauging only 5mm in width! It sits upon a woody base making a stylish and sophisticated lamp. You can get more info from

Features of lamp

Highly thorough, accurate, fine lines derive together to generate the illusion of The Joker which seems to have shape plus depth but it is all a trick of the mind!

The Bulbing lamp is illumined using LEDs that not once get hot yet produce a warming glow. Since it’s cold to touch its faultless for children’s bedrooms, but rest certain it will look great in any room.

The top segment simply works through reflecting light and enlightening etched lines within the surface, plus it can be simply removed, and replaced by a new design to suit your mood or room.

How does it work?

It is prepared of Acrylic Glass. Acrylic Glass or Perspex have alike light transmitting properties similar the fiber optics. Light introduced at one end will stream through the Acrylic Glass and later derived out at other ends.

This product comprises a Death Star LED Desk Light, a 24 Key LED Remote Organizer. The 24 Key LED Remote Controller need a CR2025 battery (comprised) to function. Moreover, its energy effective LED lights have a long-lasting lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. It is faultless for a desk adornment and also excessive as the gift. For more info visit


From far afield, it’s a shiny white 3D Lamp. From up close, it’s a technical miracle. This 3D Optical Delusion Lamp discharges light in a stunning 3D shape that will blow your invitees’ minds. It makes the 3D stereoscopic effect, a laser carving that transmits more than 98% light toward the head of the 3D Lamp.


It’s a whole statement piece in any room, home otherwise office and the LED light is as energy efficient as it is beautiful. The 3D Lamp is a perfect combination of art plus technology that will alter any room in your home into a design destination.


Show off your lamp choice of design to all of your friends, family, plus co-workers, and turn any office otherwise homeroom into a contemporary design place with this exclusive and contemporary art lamp. This is a flawless and trendy style which will add amply of character to any house.