SVG is an extension of scalable vector graphics that can be interpreted as a two-dimensional image format created with text-based (XML). SVG format files can be used to create graphics or animations. Animation with the SVG format is not too popular like GIF, but SVG has many enthusiasts. This is because SVG is unique and can be edited using notepad. With SVG, you can change the graphical display dynamically and match with what you want. In addition, you can also create SVG graphics into funny and cool animations. The reason for them is to get good visual and high-resolution image quality. Need to make animations? Now, it’s time to create and design your own custom animation using SVG animation creator. This application can facilitate you in making custom animation without complicated. Based on this lets discuss the details information about SVG.

Why Should You Choose SVG?

SVG animation

SVG is the best image format because the image quality is not blurred if zoomed. This is very different from other image formats such as GIF, PNG, and JPG. SVG compression system included into the vector image. You can use some vector image creation apps like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and Inkscape to create vector images. From the app, you can export the created images into a file with the SVG format. To create SVG animation is same. You can use that way or in an instant way i.e. by using SVG animator creator. One of the SVG animation creators is SVGator. It offers some convenience in creating an animation. SVGator is also very suitable for beginners because here you can choose for yourself whether you will make your own code or just by importing an existing animation.

Advantages of Using SVG

Selection of SVG as the best animation format, of course, due to some advantages gained in using SVG format. Some of these advantages are:

  • SVG images can be made and altered with any editor.
  • SVG files are smaller and easier to compress than other formats like GIF, JPG, and PNG.
  • SVG graphics can be printed in high resolution.
  • SVG editing can be done with a tool or application like Notepad, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch.
  • In this image you can perform Zoom In and Zoom Out operation and scalable as they are vector images, not bitmaps.
  • Vector images calculate the line as math, which means the path can be enlarged without loss of quality.