What is a solar battery? How does it work? Learn it all here

One of the most practical and essential way to save up on costs and protect the environment is the use of renewable energy, and one of the most popular forms of renewable energies is the solar energy.

However, there are still a lot of people that need to be educated with regards to its proper use as the proper way of storing the energy gathered after a full-day or recharging under the heat of the sun and a lot more essential ways in using it.

People are growing more conscious in protecting our environment by reducing their carbon footprint through the use of solar energy and other forms of renewable energy and the idea of owning a solar storage for residential purposes have grown a lot more sense due to the cost of electricity from the grid versus solar batteries that is why in this article, let us talk about the much-needed information about the use of solar batteries and how practical it is for household use.

batteries for solar storage

What is a solar battery?

In the same manner, as a regular battery, it functions the same, but that is the only similarity it has with your common batteries because solar batteries store the charged solar energy from the solar panel after a whole day of charging and storing the sun’s solar energy. It has four types that can store solar energy and convert into electricity and each type comes at different prices.

  • Lead acid solar battery- Although it uses lead acid but this type of battery is not designed for automotive purposes. This one is huge and very bulky, but it costs less compared to other types of solar batteries. There are new innovations of it that shrink the size of it making it more portable and easy to use.
  • Lithium-ion- The most used type of solar battery is the lithium-ion because of its prismatic types where the iron phosphate in the batteries is perfect to store solar energy.
  • Flow batteries- These batteries are the newest addition to the household types of solar batteries. It contains a water-based solution called zinc-bromide and this one’s purpose is to serve long-term storage which is an innovation to the three previous types of solar batteries.

How does a solar battery store energy?

Depending on the size and type of the solar battery that you want to choose for your home, it has different functions, but it has one function that have common to each type, its ability to store solar energy that is converted into electricity, but unlike other types of batteries, solar batteries can withstand being repeatedly drained and recharged.

What are the things that I should be looking for in a solar battery?

When you buy batteries for solar storage, you should include several factors to determine what type of battery fits your storage needs. Do not get attractive to cheap prices because it will always affect the quality and the storage capacity. Always make sure that the battery can store a generous amount of solar energy. Make sure as well that it has long battery life and can withstand frequent charges and discharges.