What is the freos usb stick?

Decentralized systems are emerging at a very fast pace in today’s world and it is considered as the best revolution that the world is witnessing. The benefit of decentralized systems is that it provides uniform billing and working mechanism for all countries around the globe. But as there are no proper governing authorities, there is a high rate of scams and frauds too in the crypto industry.

With the launch of several crypto currencies and trading as well as exchange system, there is a lot to explore and innovate in this industry. An innovative team of Europe has founded the FreosGlobal.com and RedPill. Zone based on the decentralized concept recently in 2018 summer. This project was created as a part of the Cryptolifer movement and it aims to promote the vision of Freos. The project was built for mass adoption of Cryptolifer.

Need for the freos usb stick:

Internet has become a necessity and basic requirement of life and people need internet to make money and communicate with others. Also internet gives the option to free minds of people and is a powerful tool that can provide mankind with the freedom of physical as well as financial freedom. By decentralizing the internet freos usb stick aims to free humanity thereby empowering the world.

There are different service providers for internet in different countries. They offer internet service at variable rates. While developed nations get high speed internet at affordable prices, the scenario is not the same for underdeveloped and developing nations. In some countries the browsing rates of internet is quite high and also the speed provided is very low. While developed nations have reached till 7g, some nations are still lacking behind in 2g and 3g.

To address this problem the team of FreosGlobal.com created the freos red pill and the freos usb stick. This is a decentralized platform that provides internet at same rates for all countries across the globe.

Idea behind the freosusb stick:

The team created this usb stick after understanding the issues related to internet security faced globally. Since over 25 years, there are issues with security leading to no secure computers. Every computer present on this globe contains some sort of malware. Due to this there are private key sniffers and keystroke loggers present in every computer. Because of this people are not able to use the hardware of their computer to its full capability.

To solve this issue the USB stick was created. It can jack into the computer and free it from any sort of malware that is eating up the resources of your computer. This is because of the Tails and Tor present in the USB, which have been taken from the hacker community. It is easy to use too, just stick in USB and reboot your computer and you are connected to the Free net of this community.