Why Is GTA Vice City The Best In The Series?

For the last two decades, GTA has been one of the most popular fun, action, adventurous games in the world. There are as many as 13 different versions of the game are available. But most of the people will agree to the fact that GTA Vice City is the best in the GTA series. The following is a list to justify why it is the best and if you still have not played GTA Vice City game, you should get a taste of it by download the APK file on your smart phone or tablet.

The Story

If the story of a game is not captivating, it is never going to be popular. GTA Vice City is a wonderful story based game and it is a gangster story. All the gamers love gangster story and this has been helped by the graphics and the backdrop scene. It is also due to the fact that the version before and after Vice City that came out did not have such a good story to overpower its popularity.

The Vehicles – The inclusion of helicopters has been a massive move. But the most popular of them all has to be DeLorean to cruise through the streets with swag. All the cars in the game have a different personality which is why the gamers always feel proud to own one. The classic Lamborghini and Ferrari look of the Cheeta and Infernus are outstanding. The Phoenix is another massive vehicle but it is the boat that takes the cake. If not for any other reason, the vehicles and the weapons are for what you need to play GTA Vice City game if you have not already.

GTA Vice City game

The Cast – The characters in a game make the game even more interesting. There are some games available which are popular just because of the cast because everyone looks up to be just like them in real life. The cast of GTA Vice City is memorable and the addition of sensual ladies and their acts have become a paradise for gamers to stay glued to their screen.

The Soundtrack – Just like the movies, a game can be captivating based on the soundtrack. That is why the gaming companies pay so much attention to it to perfect it just like the graphics of the game. Different maps and levels have different soundtracks which are always captivating.

Apart from these, the weapons are underestimated in Vice City but there is a greater range and variety in them.